Classic Leek & Potato Soup

Hellooo! I hope you are all well šŸ˜€

Today, I’ll be posting a recipe I use time and time again… always a good sign of a winning dish!

This soup could not be easier. The ingredients are so cheap; especially leeks as they’re in season.

I love leeks. I love it in pies, in sauces, and especially in this soup.

Irene and I call this soup Leekoto: kind of a mash-up between leek and potato (I know, our sanity is questionable).

You can blend this soup for a rich, thick soup. I like to keep mines chunky and texturised. It fels like more of a meal that way.

This soup is also freezable; just watch you don’t cut yout potato chunks too small, or they’ll disintegrate in the microwave (it’ll still taste nice, though!)

Here’s what I did:




Ingredients (Serves 4… easily halved/doubled/quadrupled if you must!)

2 leeks,Ā sliced to your preferred chunkiness (I like mines quite thin)

1 onion, diced

3 largeĀ potatoes

4 chicken stock cubes

1.7 litres water

150ml cream/milk (optional)

First, IĀ sauteed the onions and leeks on a low, makingĀ sure they didn’t brown, whilst I peeled my potatoes.


I chopped my potatoes into large chunks, around 2″ squared, then popped them into the pot:


I dissolved my stock cubes into 1.7litres boiled water, then poured into the pot and brought to theĀ boil. I then simmered until the potatoes were ready (around 20 mins).

I don’t always do this, but on this occasion, I took the pot off the heat and added 150ml single cream. You can use 150ml milk if you like, or even none at all. I just think it gives it a nice richness.

And here it is, ready to devour.



I made this after work one night last week, when I was craving the comfort of a hot bowl of fresh, homemade soup, but didn’t want to spend ages grating and stirring and waiting.

This is a perfect, simple, comforting soup. It’s a lot healthier than it tastes, as well!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Enjoy :) x


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