Cod & Asparagus Parcels

Cod & Asparagus Parcels

In an attempt to eat healthier, we’re trying to eat a bit more fish in our house.

You always hear such good things about fish don’t you?  All those nutrients and “good fats”. What swings it, for me, is the abundance of gorgeous recipes out there for fish.

Such as this Waitrose one, for Cod & Asparagus Parcels.

It couldn’t be easier to cook, but gives the impression of going that extra mile!

I used fine asparagus in the recipe, but I would recommend you just use the normal, thicker asparagus, as the thin stems were a bit too tender for my liking.

Shock horror, I used the ingredients word for word (with the exception of the asparagus). See them here.

Here’s what I did:

I lay my cod on a bed of asparagus, then topped with chilli flakes, lemon juice, black pepper, butter and parsley.



I folded the edges and made a sealed parcel, like this:



I popped my parcels into a preheated oven (200 degrees) for 20 minutes, and voilà! It was ready! I served it with some of my homemade potato salad and broccoli. Delicious and healthy!


(Please note the attempt to disguise my shoddy photographic skills!)


Care to share your favourite fish recipes?

See you all next week 😀 x



  1. MaryMoh

    That’s such a healthy, simple and easy dish! I just love it. I also try to serve my family more fish. But if I cook fish too often, I would soon hear complains….hehe. So I had to hide the fish in other dishes sometimes. I made salmon stories yesterday and no one complained cos it’s so well hidden 😀 Just posted it on my blog today. Have been rather busy and missing out on your blog. Really wonderful to know what you are cooking. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Mary

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